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What We Do

What we are doing

Years of research have shown that this condition after the 1960’s has consistently existed within the North
and South Greenwood areas in Clearwater. As a result many non-profits in the North and South Greenwood
communities partnered and formed an organization entitled “Clearwater Urban Leadership Coalition (CULC).
This organization is a self-governing collaborative network with over twenty community organizations and
individuals working together to develop and move forward a cohesive plan for community wealth through
community business development, health, self-sufficiency, literacy, education and resilience for the north
and south Greenwood community and beyond. This organization was formed due to the lack of support,
focus and financial funds allocated to the North Greenwood area. Funding in the past to this African
American population has not trickled down to the grass roots community where the difference can be
recognized, impacted and felt.


Work Group Areas

  • Economic Development  Gloria Campbell, Muhammad Adul-Rahim

  • Business Development-  Marilyn Turman, Angela Tisdale

  • Workforce Development  Rowland Johnson, First Rung

  • Reducing Recidivism/ North Greenwood Life Changers- Darlene Jones,  Doris Barnes, Madra Bell, Harry Preston

  • Mental Health & Wellness- Zaneta  Ellison

  • Technology- Kimberly Brown

  • Child Care-Terry Jones , Imaani Bilal

  • Youth Leadership- Rowland Johnson, Terry Jones


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